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Saturday, May 6
from 11am to 1pm
4 hour program for the price of 3!!!

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

The preschool years are a very important time for your child. At this age, kids need other kids; they are ready to learn how to make friends, play with peers, take turns, and share.

Preschoolers love learning new songs, making funny faces, and getting covered with paint. They need to feel that they are cared for and that they belong. We offer you our dedication and experience to make sure your children’s social, physical, and psychological needs are met.

You can be confident that your child will feel as comfortable at our preschool as he or she feels at home. I promise you that your child will be welcomed, respected, and well cared for every moment he or she is with us. We will actively listen to your child to interpret his or her needs. Thank you for your trust and for giving us the opportunity to have a positive impact on your child’s life.

Monika Stefanska, Director

Learning by Playing Preschool Inc.

Learning by Playing - Memories of Preschool by Monika Stefanska

The book Learning by Playing was created to keep preschool memories alive for you and your child. The book’s main character, a bunny named Billy who is almost four years old, encourages your child to play and develop his or her creativity. Children will love the fun activities and vibrant artwork.

Our Philosophy

Children learn so efficiently through playing. Their imagination and creativity know no barriers. The opportunities to grow intellectually and emotionally while playing are endless. Children’s physical and social development can be greatly accelerated and improved through active playing. Our preschool has been created to facilitate children’s growth in the above areas. We chose the name Learning by Playing carefully to reflect our mission to offer children best possible ways to identify, maintain and support their own ways to be happy during their childhood. We believe that every child is unique and that time spent at preschool will greatly benefit the little ones in their future.